Vintage is a style of decoration that is inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s. It is a trend that develops more and more worldwide. Vintage objects have a very strong emotional and emotional value for people who like this style. Vintage is a style of decoration that is inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s. It is a trend that develops more and more worldwide. Vintage objects have a very strong emotional and emotional value for people who like this style.

The advantages of retro design

Retro design has been in vogue for a few years.

It is not uncommon to see today vintage furniture and decorative objects. If you are interested in retro design, you should know that this trend is appreciated for its typically vintage characteristics. Indeed, vintage design is characterized by its worn aspect, its color and its old appearance.

Furniture of this type of object has good revaluation potential and can be renovated so that they are modernized.

The principle of retro is simple: we use the old elements to create a modern or contemporary atmosphere. This gives an original touch to an interior without completely changing the current decoration. These ancient elements may have been shot in flea markets or found in antique dealers.

Most of the time, they are restored and then renovated in order to be adapted to the desired contemporary style (for example, repainted).

Retro wooden cupboard with books and decorations standing in dar

Retro wooden cupboard with books and decorations standing in dar


The golden age of the retro style

The retro style is back.

The 1960s and 1970s marked the start of a new fashion current, carried by women and men. These are years that have gave pride of place in warm colors, psychedelic patterns and originality.

Vintage style is coming back in force today. For what ? Because this trend corresponds to a deep need for current society: make new with old! With the return in force of the vintage, we are witnessing the great return of ancient objects, found here and there designed by designers in the retro mind. This trend also makes it possible to restore a second life to certain products which once went unnoticed. This provides a general positive feeling, because it gives the feeling of questioning products that have already had a story and from which you can make the most of to create something new.

Retro furniture and accessories

A retro piece of furniture is a piece of furniture that is inspired by past styles and eras.

It is characterized by its old appearance, sometimes even worn or out of date. This vintage style can be associated with a retro, modern or design atmosphere.

Vintage is increasingly trendy and appreciated worldwide.

It is the subject of many articles in decoration magazines and specialized blogs. New online stores are born every day on the web to offer vintage furniture for sale. However, today there are different types of furniture that are qualified as vintage: – “Art -Deco” lamps; – The low “design” tables; – “Scandinavian” sofas and armchairs; – “bistro” dishes; – “Marine” advertising objects; – Some everyday accessories (hams, plates …); – Some rare pieces (old typewriter …).

How to incorporate retro design into its decoration

Vintage decoration is a decoration style that offers various advantages, such as the possibility of creating a warm atmosphere, incorporating raw and natural materials into your interior. However, it can sometimes be difficult to integrate this type of decor into your house. If you want to incorporate retro design into your interior, it is important to take into account certain essential elements.

The first point to consider is color.

Most of the time, the owners choose light colors for their furniture and accessories to create a pleasant and bright atmosphere. However, if you want to introduce more character to your vintage decoration, we advise you to opt for a dark shade.

Dark colors are generally associated with industrial or bohemian styles.

Your sofa will be more highlighted compared to the other elements of the room. Another important factor to consider when you want to introduce a retro style is to favor raw and natural materials instead of synthetic materials such as artificial leather for example. Indeed, furniture made with this synthetic material are not suitable to support years and tend to relax over time.

The same is true for synthetic tissues that can lose their colors over time.

What materials for a vintage decor?

As for the material, it is important to turn to natural and sustainable materials.

Wood, metal or stone are ideal materials for vintage decor. As for colors, light colors are preferred.

You should know that vintage style is not necessarily suitable for everyone’s tastes. To succeed in your vintage style, you must also choose neutral and discreet colors such as white or beige. Also favor gross wood furniture rather than in varnished shade.

The generally rounded and soft forms can be very appreciable for a vintage style.

Retro decoration ideas to adopt

Vintage decoration is more and more trendy. It allows you to bring a retro touch to your house and give a unique style to its interior. If you are a fan of the 50s, 60s or 70s, you have the opportunity to acquire various objects that will bring a warm atmosphere to your home.

It is possible to acquire various objects to develop your house, such as lamps, mirrors or furniture.

Accessories can also be useful for perfecting the vintage decoration of your interior: cushions, plaids or candles are all accessories that can personalize your home. In terms of vintage decoration, it is important to turn to original and authentic pieces in order to create a unique and personalized atmosphere.

Vintage is the trend of the moment. We like objects of this time, we love retro style, we love old furniture and yesteryear … Vintage decoration is an ideal way to bring a retro touch to your interior.