Interior design is an area that has evolved a lot in recent years. A few years ago, people were content to paint their walls and change their furniture to get a new decoration. Today, it is possible to create a completely different interior using modern and innovative techniques. We will see together how to create a unique interior thanks to the use of modern and innovative materials.

Interior design trends: modern interiors

The current trend is to opt for modern interiors. This trend aims to create a contemporary and design atmosphere in living spaces, using raw and natural materials as well as industrial decoration elements. The main styles are the Scandinavian style, the loft style or the minimalist style. These styles all have in common the search for raw and refined aesthetics. Modern style can be made up of several elements: light wood, waxed concrete, etc.

The dominant color is often white, which allows you to create a bright and pleasant atmosphere. There are different types of furniture to favor: low leg tables, 2 -seater modular sofas (convertible), TV furniture hanging on the wall (workshop style). To accentuate the raw and industrial aspect that certain materials such as metal or solid wood bring, it is advisable to use a solid concrete or reworked concrete floor.

Modern interior dining areas

Modern interior dining areas

fashionable colors for interiors

The fashionable colors for interiors? Colors are an essential element of each interior. The harmony of colors depends on the architecture of the pieces and the style chosen, as well as the different objects and materials that make up a room.

Cooking is the ideal place to express your tastes, but it is important to know how to use colors in this room. In this article, we will explain to you how to create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen thanks to the colors depending on the style chosen.

Vibrant Colored Interior Bedroom of House

Vibrant Colored Interior Bedroom of House

Furniture that gives style to your pieces

Furniture is a reflection of your personality. Do you want a warm atmosphere in your accommodation? So choose solid wood furniture. It is a noble material that can be easily associated with different styles and colors.

You can for example bet on a brown leather sofa to create a classic atmosphere in your living room. A black leather sofa will bring style to your interior, just like a brown or black leather club chair. Do you want to give your parts character? Opt for modern or vintage furniture with trendy colors: white, light gray … If you like clean shapes and design furniture, favor transparent chairs, round tables and even retro stools! The possibilities are limitless !

Dining area with wooden furniture

Dining area with wooden furniture

floor coverings and trendy walls

The floor coverings and walls are the elements that give character to your interior. If you don’t like the style of your room, it’s important to think about the coverings you are going to use.

The choice of floor coverings and walls is essential for a successful decoration.

When it comes to a renovation, you must start by choosing a type of floor that will suit the room: wood, concrete or tiles.

It is advisable to opt for a material in accordance with the style sought. Then, do not forget to harmonize all other types of coating: doors and furniture, so that the whole is consistent. To do this, you can turn to neutral (anthracite gray) or complete (black) colors.

There are also some tips for making your room-Bain more modern and design: prefer a shiny white tiles for example!

Hands of young female client and designer touching sample of floor covering

Different floor covering available

Original wall decorations

When you want to personalize your interior, it is essential to choose wall decorations that are both original and trendy.

Tables and other wall decoration objects are a good way to bring a personal touch to your interior. There are many possibilities in terms of wall decoration objects, whether tables, stickers or a wall library. When you have an important space, it is possible to opt for the TV furniture design. This allows in particular to create a friendly space in which everyone can find themselves with pleasure. The colors can also be chosen depending on the tastes and the style you like. Do not hesitate to consult specialized websites to find the different products that will meet your expectations (modern tables, wall sticker, etc.).

Room with wall decorations

Room with wall decorations


Lights to light up your interiors

The decoration of your interior can be made using suitable lighting. To choose the right luminaire, it is necessary to take into account several criteria, such as the shape, dimensions and color of the object.

There are different types of lighting: suspensions, ceiling lights and wall lights are among the most used.

The wall lights offer fairly homogeneous light which is ideal for illuminating an office or a living room. If you want to create very specific light effects, you can also opt for spots embedded on the wall or for floor lampposts. These allow you to play on very precise light games depending on the type of bulb used (incandescent or halogen). On the market is also found on the lamps to be installed which offer great freedom as to their location and their positioning. They can therefore be placed as you see fit (on a coffee table, near the bed, etc.).

The lamps to be installed are generally equipped with a “spot” bulb which allows targeted lighting.

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where people spend the most time. It is therefore often a very functional room, with a lot of storage. This is why it is important to have an interior design that is adapted to your needs and your lifestyle.

Man controlling home light with digital tablet in interior of modern house.

Light up your room !