The Impact of Lighting on Interior Design: Lighting is a very important element of interior design. It is the main source of light in an interior space and it can make or break the look of a room. The lighting in an interior space can be divided into two categories: general lighting and accent lighting. General Lighting Includes all the light sources that are used to illuminate a room, such as ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. Accent Lighting is used to highlight specific are in a room, such as a dining table, shelves, etc.

The role of interior design lighting

The role of interior design lighting? Lighting is of paramount importance in the decoration, because it allows you to highlight the different elements that make up an interior.

You should know that the atmosphere can be modified by the choice of color and the type of bulbs used. This is particularly true for living rooms such as the living room or the living room, but also for bedrooms or even for the kitchen.

The lighting is also important in so -called cold rooms (such as the kitchen or the bathroom), because they require suitable light sources, so as not to create a too gloomy atmosphere.

The LED bulbs allow considerable savings in electricity consumption and are more durable than other types of bulbs. They can be changed more easily and are less energy delicious.

The choice of the type of bulb will therefore depend on the type of use, but also the desired style: vintage? modern ? ancient ? contemporary ? If your interior is rather classic, turn to cold white or warm white bulbs.

You can use this kind of bulb to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, whatever the time of day. If your interior is on the contrary recent or very modern, opt instead for bulbs with pastel colors (from pink to light blue) which will bring softness and refinement to your main room … them

Loft style lighting decor in coffee shop.

Loft style lighting decor in coffee shop.


The different types of lights

There are different types of lights that can be used in interior decoration. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to know how to recognize them in order to optimize their interior.

Integrated lighting: This type of lighting can come in the form of a ceiling lamp or a wall light.

It is generally associated with a switch that allows you to control it. However, this type of device does not allow great flexibility in the options it offers. Indeed, it is not possible to choose a different color than that offered by the luminaire manufacturer. On the other hand, this type of device is very simple to install and does not generate any additional work.

When you buy your integrated lighting, make sure it is adaptable for your home (dimensions) and compatible with your electrical system (bulbs).

Built -in spots: This type of luminaire is presented as spotted spots on the ceiling or on the wall. These have the advantage of not requires an electric wire to work and therefore does not harm the general decoration of the accommodation (no need to embed the wire). These spots allow better light management than a standard ceiling light since they can be turned on or extinct individually thanks to the switches available on each lamp.

industrial lights cage home grunge

industrial lights cage home grunge


The importance of lighting in visual comfort

Lighting is a very important element of your interior.

You can choose to use a lamp to have a softer and warmer light, or to place spots on the walls to create more contrast to the room.

The wall lights are perfect if you want to enhance certain areas of the room or if you want to accentuate certain furniture, such as low tables. They can be placed behind a sofa or right next to the bed to create a subdued atmosphere, ideal for a romantic moment.

The suspensions are very trendy today. Indeed, they allow you to play with the light intensity and give a more modern appearance to the room. For example, if you opt for suspensions above your dining table, this will accentuate the contrast between the different elements present around the table and therefore reinforce its user-friendly appearance. If you do not have much space on the ceiling, it is advisable to install a few lampposts that will help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere around the living room.

The white color is the most common choice for the modern interior because it allows people to feel at home without additional effort thanks to its chromatic neutrality.


Choose good colors and intensities

Interior decoration is an important element for the success of any construction project.

The color and intensity of the walls, the floor or furniture must be chosen with care. This can have an influence on the style, volumes and brightness of a room.

There are different ways to create an atmosphere in its interior space.

The walls are for example one of the most important elements to take into account when you want to give a particular style to your interior. For this, it is important to know how to choose the right colors and intensities that will highlight your interior space.

Light home interior in beige colors with open kitchen and dining area with bar counter.

Light home interior in beige colors with open kitchen and dining area with bar counter.

Improve the appearance of space

This guide will help you make your house a more comfortable and more pleasant place to live.

It is not a simple document that will be given to the owners of a house or an apartment.

It is also intended for tenants who wish to redecorate their living space. This book will help you create a pleasant atmosphere, but it will also present decorative ideas so that everyone can arrange their interior according to their tastes.


LED technology as a solution for interior lighting

Interior lighting is an important element in the layout and decoration of a room.

The lighting must be well studied so as not to create a stressful or anxiety -provoking atmosphere.

LED technology provides ideal solutions to make lighting suitable for your needs.

The use of LEDs makes it possible to considerably reduce energy consumption while providing optimal lighting and without flickering.

The LEDs also allow you to personalize the light atmosphere depending on the parts and the time of the day.

The advantages of LEDs? LED technology makes it possible to save substantial savings on costs related to the installation, replacement and maintenance of the system. This solution offers a longer lifespan than other types of bulbs, which therefore leads to a decrease in the total cost of the life cycle (TCO).

The acquisition cost is often lower than that of other technologies, because the unit price is much cheaper. In addition, it is not necessary to change the lamps too often, which represents a considerable financial gain in the long term. Finally, this technology allows better management of the system in terms of ignition/extinction, which extends its useful lifespan and improves its global efficiency.

Lighting is an essential element of interior design. It is an integral part of the space and makes it possible to bring out the characteristics. It is important to have good upstream planning to know where to place the light points, what power to choose and how they must be used to obtain the desired rendering.

LED Staircase Lighting Installation

LED Staircase Lighting Installation