If you are a person with a personality that is different from the average, you may find it difficult to decorate your home. You may be a person who likes to have every rod in perfect order and who has a tendency to be very organized. Or you may be someone who has a more free-spirited personality and who Prefers to Let Things Happen Asy Come. Whatever Your Personality Type, there are some basic principles of Interior Design that will help you create an environment that will reflect your personality.

Artistic living room

Artistic living room

Decorations for artists

The Scandinavian style is very trendy. Indeed, it is a decorative style that is characterized by its use of natural materials, light colors and clean lines. The Scandinavian style has its origin in the Nordic countries where the inhabitants use easy -to -work materials such as wood, stone and glass to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Pastel colors are often privileged in this type of decoration because they bring a touch of softness and a relaxing appearance. White is often present because it gives an impression of purity and space.

The use of blue is very widespread but must be well balanced so as not to give a feeling too cold instead. To create this cozy effect, you can bet on light wood furniture with rounded shapes or even on raw wooden objects such as chairs or low tables.

Scandinavian design furniture has been designed to be easily transportable so you can install it at home without having to buy a new furnishings. However, some models are made exclusively for your interior, which requires a lot of personal investment if you want to customize it to your taste (example: photo frames).



Decoration for intellectuals

Decoration for intellectuals? Interior decoration is today a way to have fun and develop your space according to personal tastes.

This is a trend that allows everyone to create a unique and personal atmosphere, which looks like them. This trend affects all social classes, whether the middle class or that of the richest. Design enthusiasts were able to win on the interior decoration market, thanks in particular to the Internet. It is possible today to find original and atypical objects in just a few clicks. Many blogs dedicated to design also allow you to have access to the best ideas regarding interior decoration. You can for example choose your furniture according to the style you want to give to your room. If you want to have a classic, traditional or modern style, it will simply be enough to choose the suitable furniture and you can enjoy a beautiful space to spend time with your family and/or with friends.

Are you particularly sensitive to psychological well-being? One of the best solutions to meet your expectations remains undoubtedly the interest that designers have in human psychological issues. Indeed, design can help each individual regain their self -confidence after a difficult period as a serious illness or even a painful divorce for example.


Home decoration with plants

Home decoration with plants

Decorations for nature lovers

In modern times, nature is increasingly mistreated. We tend to consider it as a resource that should be preserved and not exploited. However, it is not only intended for the entertainment of nature lovers. There are also other possible uses for this type of environment. If you like the rustic style and want to restore your home, it is possible to imagine all kinds of decorations for a given room according to the theme chosen.

You can for example opt for the installation of solid wood furniture or made from recycled materials. To create a warm and comfortable setting, favor neutral colors such as beige, white or even light gray. Choose simple and superfluous ornaments without overloading the available space. Note that this solution is not suitable for all parts since certain conditions must be met so that it can operate effectively: it is important to have enough free space around the furniture; A good natural light must be generated; The part must have a flat surface; The ground must be very stable; The walls must be clean and healthy (no need for paintings or wallpapers); When you buy wooden furniture, favor the one that comes mainly from sustainable forests (FSC certification).




Decorations for technology lovers

Choosing a computer requires in -depth reflection. Indeed, this device is often used to work and perform various tasks.

This equipment must therefore be adapted to your needs, but also to the types of use you will make of it. In addition, you have to be vigilant about the size of the screen which must be as large as possible so as not to sacrifice the quality of the text and the graphics.

The screen size will depend on the type of use of course as you do: if you count on your computer to watch movies or play video games, a 17 -inch screen will be sufficient. If you count on your computer to work, a 16 -inch screen will be more than enough.

You will have to pay attention to the number of USB ports available to the PC so that they correspond to your external hard drive and other devices (printer.). A USB 2 port can for example make it possible to simultaneously make significant and rapid transfers between different peripherals (USB keys). If you plan to work from home where wifi is omnipresent, direct yourself to a portable PC with a WiFi 80211n connection (high performance wireless network), ditto if you want to use Skype (instant messaging) or access the Internet via a 3G/4G key.


Decoration for nostalgic

Although interior decoration is an activity that may seem attractive, it is not always easy to achieve.

It is true that having a design interior gives charm to your house or apartment, but you have to be able to find the right furniture and decorative items. If you need help for a successful interior decoration project, you can use an interior architect. This professional is able to offer you ideas and advice so that your space is perfectly arranged. When it comes to choosing the suitable furniture, the interior designer is also able to orient you towards the styles that most correspond to your personality and the desired style (Scandinavian, modern design …). Your interior architect will also be able to offer you different materials (solid wood, laminate …), color as well as finishes (varnished, painted …).

It is often Said that different people have differentities. And they are right. But How Can You Know What Personality you have? You just cannot know it unless you meet the person in question and ask him or her What her her personality is like. The Same is True for Interior Design. If you do not know the Personality of Your Visitors, then you will not be able to design a space that will appeal to them and make them feel Comfortable.