Selling, buying or renting a property, especially in a disrupted economic climate, quickly becomes a matter for professionals, and in this context, estate agents must be reliable allies for the advantageous success of any transaction.

The choice of a real estate agency is sometimes guided by very subjective criteria such as geographical proximity, recommendations from friends, the chic of the premises, the empathy that emanates from the staff, and many other first impressions…

However, depending on the project, not all agencies are equal in performance and service. The choice of partner is a key determinant of whether you want to receive the service best suited to your needs.

First of all, you need to be sure of the real estate agent’s experience, his or her possible specialisation in a particular market, and his or her best practices in handling your case as a unique case and not as an ordinary one.

The first quality lies in the ability to listen and analyse your needs, desires and financial means. With, in addition, a pinch of creativity, we will then have described the portrait of the ideal real estate agent.

Some agencies, although serious, are content to follow a catalogue, often common to a network, and will try to “fit in” listed properties. Other agencies are more dynamic and will “hunt” properties for you according to your criteria. The same agencies often help you to evolve in your projects and guide your choices, supervise the requirements and secure your transactions.

Mobilia real estate, for example, has a principle of getting to know the client well, understanding their philosophy of life and their deepest motivations before plunging into the technical part of a transaction. Each file must be “tailor-made” in a secure dialogue and trust.

The real estate agent is, under the aegis of his professionalism, at once a guide, a scout, a negotiator, an ally, a financial advisor, a legal advisor and, sometimes, a confidant.

It is a question of understanding people in order to provide them with a real estate response in line with their needs, but also, sometimes, with their dreams. And this is a frequent situation when a real estate advisor conducts transactions in a country such as Greece where land projects are often coupled with life projects and a share of affect and emotion, whether it is Continental Greece or the islands.

Fortunately, agencies are often demanding for themselves and professionally efficient for their clients.

But the most important thing about a good agency is the quality of its team, if possible multilingual, whose members are all specialised and united by an energy and entrepreneurial spirit at the service of its clientele.

The good agent must also master the entire chain of skills by coordinating a stable network of accounting and legal professionals recognised for the quality of their services in the legal and tax fields.

All services are remunerated in accordance with the rules of the profession and framed by precise prior agreements with no surprises. This is a golden rule.

Some agencies are not satisfied with just one transaction. Thus, for several years now, Mobilia real estate has innovated by creating a rental management service to help investors in the day-to-day management of their rented properties. In this way, buyers can save themselves the daily hassles that can arise in the management of their property.

By choosing the right agency, you will find a top-quality service provider, but more than that, a partner.