You might have heard that colors can influence our moods and emotions. In Interior Decorating, The Colors We Use in a Room Can also Affect the Mood and Emotions of Those Who Live There. The Color of Furniture, Walls, Carpets, Curtains, etc., can change the atmosphere of a room. It’s important to know that colors are not just decorative; They also have a real impact on us. This is why it’s important to choose the right colors for your home.

Understand the power of colors

If you want your business to be more productive, it is important to know that there are colors and atmospheres that can positively influence productivity. Discover in this article what are the psychological effects that certain colors can have on human behavior.

The colors have different meanings. To talk about how a color influences productivity, we will use the example of red.

Red is associated with the following elements: warmth, passion, courage and dangerousness.

It tends to make you want to communicate and stimulate the people who use it.

When associated with red, anger increases as well as the intensity of the red (its strength). However, if red is associated with blue (coldness), it will have the effect of alleviating emotions and lowering blood pressure.

Most people are attracted to red because it stimulates our gregarious instinct towards others.

You should know that colors have an impact on our emotions which influences our mood but also on our behavior in general.

Interior of modern kitchen in orange color

Colorful interior

The colors of the walls and floors

The colors to be used for walls and floors vary depending on the room where you plan to build.

The colors of the walls depend on the brightness of the room, while those of the floors are linked to your lifestyle. Each color offers a different atmosphere and it is important to take it into account when you choose the one that best suits your home.

Here are some tips for choosing the ideal shade.

Brightness: if you have a small space, it may be interesting to use a clear shade if it allows more natural light to the room. A clear shade can also make a large and spacious room, because it gives the impression that the walls are lower and the ceilings lower.

The heat: your house must look like a cozy cocoon in which you feel good. To do this, pay particular attention to the color that contribute to the warming of enclosed spaces such as the living room or the dining room.

Your furniture and decorative objects must be adapted to external temperatures, in order to create a comfortable environment for your whole family without the need for a sophisticated or expensive system that consumes a lot of energy unnecessarily (air conditioner).


Create contrasts

Contrasts are used in several areas, including art and decoration.

The role of contrasts is to create visual effects. In the field of decoration, contrasts make it possible to create interesting visual effects.

They give an impression of depth and accentuate the volumes. To obtain an optimal effect, it is recommended to grant the colors between them.

You should know that each color has an impact on the human mind. For example, some colors can make you happy while others will make you irritable or sad.

You must also take into account the brightness of the place before associating the different types of colors.


Furniture colors

The colors of the furniture in your living room are very important. This is a decorative element that brings a touch of gaiety to the room.

Each one has its meaning and it is therefore important to choose them according to the desired effect.

The red has stimulating effects, while the blue color is soothing.

You should know that there are several types of red: bright red and orange red, for example. In addition, there are different types of oranges: light orange and bright orange for example.

White is often associated with calm and purity, while black symbolizes death or sadness.

You can play on contrasts by combining white and black or gray and black, for example.

Colorful living room

Colorful living room

Use light to amplify the choice of them

It is true that light plays an important role in the choice of colors. This point is not to be overlooked when defining the colors of an interior. To choose the colors of your interior, it is necessary to take into account several factors.

You have to pay attention to the colors that can be associated and with which other shades to associate them in order to obtain a harmonious whole.

Light can play a very important role in the choice of colors and general style of your decoration. Choose a clear room to put your photo frames or paintings, this will give a soft and pleasant impression to your space. In a dark room, prefer hot tones like yellow or orange, because this type of color brings dynamism to your room.

Colors and their psychological meaning

Their choice is very important. Indeed, they are a reflection of your personality and your style. They can also influence your relationships with others.

There is a wide variety of colors. Each of them has a particular meaning and character traits that are specific to it. If we know what those who correspond to us, we will be able to bring a little more happiness to our interior by choosing the best colors for our walls or our textiles or decorative objects.

It is possible to use the power of colors in interior decoration. If you have trouble choosing the right colors, here are some tips to help you make the right choice.