If you have a Small Space, you can make it look bigger by adding some light and space. The most important thing is to choose the right lighting system that will fit your needs. You can use Natural Light, Artificial Light or Both. We will see how to choose Between these options and what kind of lighting system you should choose for your home.

Use the mirrors to enlarge the part

Mirrors have become increasingly important in our interiors.

They make it possible to decorate the space, they can be used to enlarge a room and they bring relief to the room. However, mirrors also have a negative effect on a room. If you have furniture that is placed above a mirror, this can create damaged shadows, which can be embarrassing.

Furniture placed above a light source can cause unwanted reflections and give an impression of suffocation.

It is therefore advisable to install the maximum number of light sources in strategic places so that your room is bathed in natural light and not by the sun’s rays.

You can also install a ceiling lamp to diffuse light upwards and not down so that your furniture is not too close to the ceiling.

Living room nterior with sofa, mirror and ficus

Living room space maximize thanks to the mirror


Play with colors to maximize the brightness

The choice of color is an essential element to maximize the brightness in a room. For this, you have to prepare the space well and choose the right shades.

Colors have different meanings depending on cultures and can influence our psyche.

There are even colors that are soothing or stimulating. However, do not mix everything! A dark piece should not be painted white! If white is often used to make a light room, it also tends to absorb natural and artificial light. So, if you want your space to be bright, be sure to avoid cold colors like blue or very light green (in opposition to gray). On the contrary, favor hot tones like yellow or orange to give pep to your interior.

Changing wall color

Changing wall color to maximize space


Install wall cabinets to optimize the space

To optimize space, it is possible to install wall cabinets.

Having sufficient space to store your belongings can be a considerable asset.

When you choose wall furniture, do not hesitate to install them on a wall that will not be used for the moment. Indeed, if you want your room to be as ordered as possible, it is important to pay attention to the furniture and the shelves that you will install there. To optimize the space, it is recommended to invest in an effective and intelligent storage system. To do this, opt for the installation of wall cupboards or sliding doors that can be used as a libraries or as an additional storage areas. In addition, this will also allow you to optimize the available height by dressing the walls!


Organize your room to save space

There are different ways to organize a room in order to save space. Many factors are to be taken into account, such as the layout of furniture, the choice of colors and flooring, etc. However, an element is essential to optimize the available space as much as possible: this is the choice of decoration. Indeed, you can use the mirrors to fill the empty spaces or even opt for less imposing furniture.

The furniture can be more imposing if the room is too small. To save space in a small room, you have to bet on multifunctional furniture and the judicious choice of colors.

You have to think about using storage that optimizes the space available like an open closet for example.

You can also use the mirrors to create an illusion of enlargement and give the impression that a larger part than its actual size.

The mirrors can be installed against a wall or hanging from the ceiling in order to return the light down and thus visually enlarge a tiny room (think of the chandeliers).


Develop outdoor spaces to increase the brightness

Today, outdoor spaces are full -fledged rooms.

They must be arranged to provide maximum light and space. However, it is not always easy to create a warm atmosphere in the courtyard or the garden. Today, the designers integrate different elements to increase the brightness and give an impression of opening to your outdoor spaces.

There are several solutions to properly arrange your garden: – to increase natural light, think of wooden pergolas which offer protection against the sun while letting light pass. – If you have a fairly large space, it is possible to create a covered patio which will allow you to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. – If your garden is south oriented and you want to have a shaded corner, consider a vegetable wall which also creates a buffer space between your home and the rest of the garden. – Arrange the immediate surroundings of your house: if your house is near a path or on a busy street, it is important not to spoil this space by visual obstacles (too high trees). Remember to plant cut shrubs to prevent them from completely hiding the facade. – Installing recessed lights also offers a great way to light up your balcony or terrace. – You can place climbing plants on the adjoining walls so that they are more visible from the outside.

Comfortable outdoor living space with furniture on a patio and plants

Outdoor space


Choose ergonomic furniture for limited space

For those who have little space, an option exists: ergonomic furniture.

It is important to define your needs before making your choice.

Ergonomic furniture allows the user to optimize the limited space and maximize the possibilities.

It reduces the time spent on the chair or even helps the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (TMS).

The solutions to develop a limited space do not all have the same functions.

Ergonomic furniture can be used to improve posture at work, for example by reducing back curvatures and avoiding back pain. If you have a limited space, it is preferable to favor foldable or stackable models.

You can then optimize your space by storing your furniture in a cupboard or wardrobe when not used. For more information on this subject, we invite you to consult our article on the subject: http://www.agence-immobiliere-lelannoye.fr/2016/01/15/lighting-system-home-natural-light- Artificial-Light/.

The lighting is very important, it must be optimized and make it more economical. The best solution is to use low -consumption bulbs. There are several types of bulbs at your disposal: Incandescent, halogen, flu -power, LED …