Interior plants are often considered as decorative and design elements. But in reality, they can be used to add color, smell and character to your home. They can also add a natural touch to your space, which is perfect for people who want a more natural look. There are many indoor plants available on the market, but they are not all suitable for your space. We will see how to choose the best interior plants for your home.

The importance of plants in interior decoration

Interior plants bring a touch of nature and greenery to your interior.

It is important to choose them well because they can be toxic for certain species.

Interior plants are distinguished in several categories: – green plants, which must be watered regularly and are generally placed on a window sill or on a shelf. – Flower plants, such as orchids, which require regular maintenance and should not be exposed to cold air. – The cacti, which require a lot of attention but offer a very original design. – The oily plants, also called succulents, whose foliage is very thick and not afraid of ambient humidity. They are ideal for creating spectacular compositions in high or suspended vases.


House plants

The beauty of plants !


Choose the right plants

The majority of indoor plants are from tropical and subtropical regions. For this reason, they need a lot of water to stay healthy.

Plants that grow inside should therefore be watered regularly. However, it is important to know that plants do not all need the same type of watering. Indeed, each plant has a peculiarity which differs from others and which determines the type of watering it needs.

It is therefore important to know what your plant needs to treat it well and keep it healthy! Some tips for choosing the right pots: choose a pot deep enough to allow the potting soil to stay damp without having to water the plant too much (for example a jar of about 10 cm). If you opt for a wide pot, make sure it is not too large compared to the roots of your plant.

When you buy a flowerpot or a planter, be careful to choose it quite small compared to the total volume of the content (for example: if you have in the 1/3 pot of the total content volume). Most often, the pots sold with the plants are too large compared to the roots and therefore require several watering per day.

Young woman in the kitchen with healthy houseplants

Choose the best houseplant for your home


How to enhance them

If you have indoor plants, you should know that it is a decorative element that can bring a natural and warm touch to your home. However, it is important to maintain them well so that they can continue to embellish your interior.

You should know that the choice of indoor plants is not always easy. Indeed, if you buy a plant without knowing its environment, there is a good chance that it is not adapted to the temperature and humidity of the place where it is. To successfully maintain your plants, it is recommended to arrange them on a gravel bed or on newspaper.

You can also use a clay pot filled with water.


tips to maintain them

Houseplants are often used to decorate houses. They bring a touch of greenery and freshness to the room in which they are.

It is important to maintain them well so that they are beautiful and healthy. To do this, you should know that the watering of plants must be regular. Indeed, you have to think about watering the foliage, but also to spray the soil. This ensures good exchange between air and earth.

Plants need a lot of water to survive, but they should not be drowned or suffocated by an excess of humidity which would have harmful consequences on their growth and their survival. Also remember to regularly dust their leaves so that they can breathe properly and have enough oxygen if they are placed near the light sources (lamp or other). So that your inside plants remain beautiful, you must be able to control the temperature of your interior space (bedroom or living room).

When you buy a plant, remember to check if it can withstand the room temperature of the place where it will be placed (20 ° C maximum): in general the tropical plants tolerates the heat extremely while certain others as the palm trees do not support extreme temperatures.

Young mixed race woman taking care of house plants. Copy space.

Take good care of your plants


Arrange an interior garden

Houseplants can be grown indoors. They must be placed in a well -lit place, where they can receive the light from the sun and the moon. They do not need a lot of water, but it is recommended to regularly provide them with specific fertilizers. It is important to maintain them, in particular by watering them regularly, so that they can grow properly. They are often used as decoration: you can plant a little green corner at home, or even install a planter on a window. When you buy a green plant, it is very important to observe the foliage well: this allows you to know if the plant is sufficiently watered and if it needs specific fertilizers.


What accessories to match with plants?

Well -maintained houseplants can embellish your home. To succeed in decorating your home, it is important to choose the plants that suit you best. You can buy indoor plants on the internet or from a florist. Plants are available in different models and sizes. For example, you can choose an orchid, a fern or a lavender.  It may be interesting to call on a professional who will advise you on the type of plant to choose and its ideal location. Most garden centers also offer books and magazines so you can find inspiration to create your own interior decoration with green and flowery plants.

The interest of indoor plants is to decorate, but above all to bring a touch of freshness and nature. They also purify air and improve well-being. Moreover, they have therapeutic virtues: they are good for health. Some even have a calming effect.