The First Step to Creating A Cohesive Look Throughout Your Home is to choose the right colors for each room. It is important to consider the color scheme of each room and how it will be used before you begin any work. If you are going to paint a room, make sure that you have the right type of paint for that room. A Room with a lot of Light May Need Less Paint Than a Dark Room. You should also consider the size of your rooms when choosing your paint colors.

Define a coherent style for your home

A coherent decoration is essential to create a house that suits you. To succeed in defining a style, you have to take the time to think about the different elements and how they are combined. Before starting a renovation project, it is advisable to take the time to analyze the premises.

So you have to ask yourself the right questions: what will be the color of the walls? What type of carpet will you need for the living room? What will be the materials used for furniture? Then, when all these questions have been resolved, you can start thinking about the style you want to give to your home. To obtain a harmonious and welcoming interior, it is important to choose colors that combine well.

Neutral colors such as beige or white can be accompanied by several other shades such as ocher or brick red.

The warm colors like mustard yellow for example will go very well with anthracite gray or black. If you want to bring a vintage touch to your interior, prefer pastel tones like sky blue or powdery pink.

You can enhance your contemporary play by playing with textures and reliefs such as old natural stone tiles for example.

Aesthetic home decorations, picture frame and flower vases

Aesthetic home decorations, picture frame and flower vases


Building on color cohesion

Why bet on color cohesion? Color cohesion is a decoration technique which consists in using several paint colors in the same room. It makes it possible to obtain a harmonious and balanced result.

The use of color cohesion should not be taken lightly, because this technique requires a lot of time and personal investment. Above all, you have to know how to choose your colors well.

You can also opt for a neutral shade such as white, gray or black. This will allow you to enjoy a space that is both sober and bright.

Color cohesion is easy to implement if you choose the right tools and good techniques.

The choice of equipment Accessories The tools to succeed in your project, it is important to choose the right materials to prevent your work from having a harmful effect on your mental health as well as that of your family.


Continuity between the living room and the kitchen

The choice of color is an important point in the decoration of your interior. It will offer you an atmosphere and a very specific style to your room. Discover the different possibilities available to you to succeed in creating continuity between the living room and the kitchen.

Luxury kitchen and living room

Living room and kitchen in the same style


Continuity in the choice of materials

Color Scheme: continuity in the choice of materials? It is important to choose the materials for your interior spaces. However, it is also possible to carry out a continuity between them and your exterior.

The possibilities are therefore multiple, but they are not all equal. If you want to create a harmonious space, you should know that the color can have an impact on the general atmosphere of your house or apartment. In addition, it can be the cause of a harmonious decoration by playing on the different shades and colors.

You can for example associate white with gray to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere or even marry white to black for a warm and friendly atmosphere. In terms of colors, you can also opt for pastel tones that tend to soften spaces. However, they are ideal if you want to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

They are therefore preferred if you want to set up a cocooning or warm space that invites you to relax and comfort.

When you carry out work from you or buy a new decorative object, take these different aspects into account in order to obtain a harmonious result: Color Scheme: continuity in the choice of materials? To diversify the styles of your house or apartment?

Comfy scandinavian interior living room design with furniture and decorations. Generative AI

Comfy scandinavian interior living room design with furniture and decorations


Cohesion in forms and sizes

Most interior fitting projects are designed to create harmonization between shapes and colors.

The objective pursued is to give an impression of cohesion in space, which can be achieved in particular by simple geometric shapes, or by the repetition of patterns and colors.

However, you have to be careful because simple geometric shapes can tend to freeze your decoration.

It is important that your interior fittings are in accordance with the desired style. Also favor simplicity and sobriety. This is an effective way to highlight volumes, but also to prevent your space from being visually overloaded and that it becomes confused.

Simplicity also makes it easier to use colors, in order to obtain a dynamic and modern atmosphere without falling into the trap of the total flashy or pastel look which are often associated with Scandinavian or industrial styles for example.


Development of textures for a harmonious atmosphere

Even if the trend is purification and minimalism, it is not forbidden to bring a touch of color.

The proof with this white kitchen furniture that combines wood and colorful drawers.

The idea is to play on colors to create a harmonious contrast between white and wood. To do this, we use aged metal handles which underlines the industrial character of the furniture, while bringing a touch of modernity. Finally, the use of a matt black worktop further reinforces this contemporary decorative atmosphere.

In order not to have two or three different colors in a room, you absolutely have to use them all. The idea is therefore to decline them through a coherent and harmonious color scheme.