The Cap d’Antibes is a small, 4-mile-long peninsula situated in the French Riviera.

About the Cap d’Antibes Peninsula

This French idyll is highly esteemed for its scenic beauty, unspoiled nature and tourism. And thanks to its remoteness, agreeable climate and handsome architecture, the peninsula is also an attractive place for investing in luxury property.

Among the many spectacular beaches, the most famous is the beach of the Salis. This lies at the top of the Cap d’Antibes and attracts numerous tourists in summer. Another picturesque, albeit more secluded sandy beach is the Garoupe beach. Although public access to this beach is largely restricted, it is in a peaceful location and has impressive views of the sea and mountains beyond. There is also an excellent network of costal footpaths such as the Sentier de Tirepoil at the southern end of the peninsula interconnecting all these picturesque beaches.

Perched unobtrusively on the tip of the peninsula is the Villa Eilenroc, developed by Charles Garnier, who was also the creator of the Paris and Monte Carlo Opera Houses. The villa’s own gardens are planted with traditional native species to create a natural Mediterranean landscape. The coastal path by the villa beach also leads visitors a relatively short distance to Garoupe Bay.

Another notable feature in the Cap d’Antibes landscape is the Graillon Battery. This historic tower was once part of a 15th century fort that was renovated by Napoleon as a defense post. It is now a museum enclosed by a 10-acre park and pine forest that fully extends to the coastline.

Apartment for sale in Cap d’Antibes

The Cap d’Antibes has lots of stately luxury apartments for sale. Our agency promotes a wide range of different properties here that reflect the diverse needs and expectations of our clients. Some properties are top-floor apartments with roof terraces and spectacular sea views, while others are ground-floor apartments that open onto landscape gardens.

Others still are contemporary penthouses that are ideal for families. Proximity to the beach or city centre is another key factor influencing buying decisions. Therefore, these luxury apartments in Cap d’Antibes have lots of unique selling points. By promoting these estates, we can ensure that they stand an even greater chance of being sold.

Apartment for sale in Cap d’Antibes: contact a luxury real estate agency

A luxury real estate agency will help prospective buyers make the right decision when it comes to purchasing luxury apartments in Cap d’Antibes. However, the process is not merely a simple transaction.

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They go the extra mile by providing advice on accounting, preparing tax declarations, ensuring legal security, and reselling. It is important that potential buyers contact a luxury real estate agency such as JohnTaylor, for professional advice about apartment for sale in Cap d’Antibes.

In conclusion, Cap d’Antibes is an ideal place to purchase luxury apartments promoted by our agency. The peninsula has an attractive geography that makes luxury property here desirable. Our team of experts helps and advises prospective buyers every step of the way in buying into the property market here. To get the most out of their new apartments, buyers must also consider many legal, fiscal, and administrative requirements to be fulfilled.